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We could tell you who we are and what we do, but we would rather have others do that for us.

"Passionate, Innovative and Daring !" - Gaius Chow, Singapore

"Renova is: Resplendent, Exciting, Novel, Opulent, Vivacious, Awesome!" - Andrew Menzies, United Kingdom

"The colored Renova toilet paper is absolutely iconic and a great eye-catcher." - Dieter Marxer, Switzerland

"We see Renova as a motivated team of sensitive people that are making a gigantic difference in the home decor world."

Pam Haughey, Australia

"Renova is my favorite place to shop! I have received both of my orders very quickly and I appreciate your product, personnel, and service!!!"

Roberta Hans, Texas, USA


Renova is an European brand of high quality and innovative products. Available in more than 60 countries worldwide, it offers colourful designs and new functional solutions through stylish and environmentally happy products. 

The origins of the Renova brand date back to the second decade of the 19th century, existing records dating back to 1818 of the use of Renova watermark on paper manufactured in the location where Renova still maintains its headquarters today. 200 years later, the 100% Portuguese company is present in more than 70 countries, distributed in five continents. In 2021, it has about 620 direct employees, supporting two industrial units and a logistics center in Portugal - Torres Novas, and a third production unit in Saint-Yorre, France.

Renova - The Sexiest Paper on Earth

Renova's first years of activity were dedicated to the manufacture and sale of writing, printing and packaging paper, beginning then, in the late 1950s, a pioneering and very innovative path in the development of tissue paper products for domestic and sanitary use. Renova founded this market in Portugal, and remains the leading brand. The strong innovative matrix, organizational agility and the ability to anticipate trends, has enabled Renova to continuously present new solutions to meet the needs and expectations of citizens.

A milestone in the history of the Renova was the launch of Renova Black, the first black toilet paper in the world, reaching the status of an iconographic product, breaking the dogma of “unthinkable” products. Innovation is the brand differentiation strategy, allowing it to continue to perform a mission of first mover. Renova's strong product innovation is always combined with a disruptive communication and the development of irreverent advertising campaigns or artistic commissions grounded on Renova’s values. 

In the beginning of the millennium, Renova launched the first range of paper products certified with the European Union Ecolabel. Renovagreen are products manufactured with 100% recycled paper, emphasizing a solid strategy regarding the environment.

More recently, the brand launched a range of products with paper packaging, biodegradable and recyclable, replacing plastic, in response to a growing expectation of citizens around the world.

Renova recently consolidated an investment plan for the construction in Torres Novas of a new tissue paper manufacturing unit. Renova's No. 7 Paper machine was a technologically innovative and pioneering project across Europe, allowing it to increase its papermaking capacity by 50%.

The success of an exporting company is much more complex than showing temporary results, as it depends on a set of long-term sustainability factors, including the consistency of its philosophy and organizational values, the strength of its strategy and the efficiency of processes, as well as the strength of investment and market knowledge.

Renova’s Future

The brand remains aware to the society in which it operates, and will always try to turn ideas into solutions to surprise its fans and customers and at the same time create real business and value opportunities. The work developed by the different departments of Renova is the foundation and essence of the development of the brand that tries to surprise the market, leveraging the credibility and notoriety of an increasingly global brand.

We bring colour, light and movement into your life.